3 Weapons to Win a Job on Upwork 🎯 – Part 1: Setting Up Your Search Filters 🔍

Greetings, folks! 🙋‍♂️ Today we’re going to talk about winning a job on Upwork. Are you ready to conquer this platform? The first weapon 💣 in your arsenal is the powerful search filter. This isn’t just about making your job search easier. It’s about making it smarter.💡

Mastering the Art of Upwork Filters 🖌️

💼 Crafting Your Saved Search
Set your saved search to target jobs that match your skills and preferences. But don’t stop at one; set multiple saved searches, each based on different preferences. This is like casting multiple fishing lines 🎣 into the Upwork sea. The more lines you have, the better your chances of getting a bite!

⚙️ Choosing The Right Filters
But the game isn’t over yet! Selecting the right filters is essential. Remember, the goal here is to narrow down your search so you receive notifications only for jobs that 100% match your criteria. This will prevent you from sinking in the ocean of notifications. 😉

Knowing Which Filters to Use ⚙️

But hold on, there’s more to it. You need to know which filters to use. Here are some that can improve your chances:

  1. Job Type 📑: Choose between hourly ⏳ and fixed-price 💰 jobs based on your preference.
  2. Client History 📜: Go for clients who have a history of hiring on Upwork.
  3. Client’s Budget 💸: Filter jobs based on your desired pay rate.
  4. Client’s Payment Verification Status ✔️: Ensure you get paid by choosing clients with a verified payment method.
  5. Number of Proposals 📃: Aim for jobs with fewer proposals to increase your visibility.

Choosing the Right Jobs to Apply 🎯

Now, you’ve got your lines in the water. But which fish should you reel in first? According to the stats, your best chance is to apply for jobs as soon as they’re posted. Why? Because if you catch the client while they’re still online, your chances of getting hired increase. It’s the early bird 🐦 getting the worm, or in this case, the job.

Leveraging Instant Notifications 📬

Hold up! You might be thinking, “Do I need to refresh Upwork filters every minute to catch these new jobs?” No way! You’re a modern freelancer, not a robot. That’s where RSS managers like feeder.co come into play. They keep an eye 👁️ on your saved searches and notify you when new jobs are added.

But here’s a cooler option 😉:
Freelanceai.io. we provide instant job notifications for jobs that match your skills. It’s like having a personal assistant 👩‍💼 always looking for new opportunities for you.

Stay tuned for the next article 📰 in this series where we’ll talk about how to write a winning proposal. Until then, happy job hunting! 👋

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